Competitive Advantage

Committed to stay ahead. Inspired by strong ideals.

With a large number of group companies under its banner, Sanam Group strives to ensure that each of them are pioneers and occupy leadership positions in their respective industries. At the heart of our success lies our commitment to the strong ideals and principles that guide each one of us at Sanam Group.

From building and nurturing strong relationships to welcoming collaborations and new partnerships, we are committed to take purposeful and committed steps every single time. From being truly passionate about what we do to delivering the highest level of expertise, our ideals make us stronger day after day. Time you discovered more.

Footprint of our commitments
Each of our commitments drive us to stay competitive and yet maintain healthy relationships with all stakeholders under a strong umbrella of high integrity driven by strong ethics. opportunities.

Corporate Governance

Guided by strong values. Driven by responsibility.

Sanam Group of Investment has a strong Corporate Governance policy framework in place that is strongly adhered to. The Board of Directors ensure that transparency remains the cornerstone of all our dealings to ensure fairness to all stakeholders.

We welcome you to learn more about our Corporate Governance framework. See what helps us set high standards that make us one of the strongest groups in the region. From ethics to compliance, audits and timely disclosure of information, we set the bar high.

The Sanam Board of Directors meet each month to take decisive action on critical management items and strategies. Furthermore, the Executive Board meets weekly or as needed to facilitate prompt, appropriate responses to business matters and critical business operations in consultation with the Board of Directors.

Sanam Group has adopted an Investment Risk Committee and an Auditor System. The Auditors attend management and important meetings and investigate the Group Company and Subsidiaries by performing fair and accurate audits.

Sanam is also financially audited under statute by an external auditing company. Our Internal Audit Department oversees internal audits and also evaluates, verifies, advises and proposes amends to ensure internal management and service efficiency. The Risk Committee meets on a regular basis with the Senior Management of Sanam Group to exchange views, and review existing investment performance in addition to reviewing and determining the outcome of new investment opportunities.

Sanam Group makes every effort to conduct timely disclosure of information through the Board, Risk Committee & Stockholder meetings in order to enhance management transparency and accountability.


Sanam Group of Investment’s project management and strategic advisory arm provides a broad portfolio bespoke consultancy of advisory services through its own team of senior financial and technical advisors as well as strategic teaming agreements with leading firms around the world. Our team has been involved in raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, economic analysis, complex gas modeling, technical review, expert witness testimony, and interim C-suite roles for our clients.

+ identifying future trends and opportunities that create early mover advantages

+ undertaking early-stage development of enterprises that communities and governments embrace because they create jobs, improve services, and help economies grow

+ building and leveraging a vast network of global and local relationships spanning the public, private, and government sectors to achieve shared objectives and mitigate risks

+ being relentless and innovative in delivering our enterprises, with an approach that reflects our ethics, values, and commitments

Quality Policy

We make quality a habit. Every time. Every day.

Sanam Group is a leading international investments holding company committed to deliver superior quality and value added investment management of products & services.

Sanam Group has developed, implemented & have been maintaining the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Sanam Group aims to meet and exceed the stakeholder expectations & applicable requirements through continual improvements by effectively incorporating the best practices through Corporate Governance, aligning quality objectives with Strategic Plan, Risk Management and Practical Process Approach.

The Executive Management of Sanam Group is committed to improve the quality of work, with the involvement of all the employees by creating awareness and training.

HSE Policy

Prioritising health and safety. Ensuring environmental protection.

With a large number of group companies under it banner, Sanam Group of Investment takes special care when it comes to its health, safety and environmental policy. With a large multinational workforce, varied work environments, products and services, its paramount to us that we give top priority to health, safety and the environment. We look to continuously improve on our best practices to achieve higher standard consistently.

Sanam Group has developed, implemented and has been maintaining & continually improving HSE Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 International Standards

Our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy All business entities under Sanam Group umbrella shall establish, implement and manage similar business specific HSE Management Systems to meet and exceed stakeholder's expectations. Sanam Group of Investment Management is committed to: