Our Business

  1. Financing

    Capital market portfolio comprises of local, regional and global equities, fixed income and other strategies.

  2. Investments

    Direct and indirect investments in our private equity portfolio, with a main focus on regional transactions and investments with leading companies across sectors globally.

  3. Business Development

    Managing a portfolio of residential and commercial properties in key local and international locations.

Business Development

Business Development

Since its conception, Sanam Group of Investment has been committed to helping businesses through all stages of their development. Our involvement with a client begins from concept and ends with implementation. In doing so, the company has the ability to deliver an efficient investment management approach to private, corporate and institutional clients. We continue to look for opportunities where we can use our insight into the growth drivers of the underlying business. We believe that this is a more robust source of returns, over the business cycle, than a sole reliance on financial leverage and we invest with the primary intention of creating a measurable social impact.

How we develop and grow our businesses
We follow a seven-step process to grow and develop businesses:
Define the potential business
Develop the business plan
Improve performances
Harness the talent
Market and develop strong brands
Focus on company results
Optimize returns on improved business

Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs

In addition to our own Start-Up’s, we offer Venture Capital to entrepreneurs and enterprises in the following stages of their business cycle:
Seed Stage
At Sanam Group of Investment we have an interest in the people behind the business and are open to any viable ideas no matter how small. This way, we offer seed stage investment to businesses that are still in the conceptual stage of business development. We have a dedicated team of professionals whose efforts are dedicated to offering full support and advice to help your business along the way.
Start-up Stage
Many businesses find it difficult to find their feet when starting out as a new business especially in the ever changing financial market. We offer help to those business ventures that are established but are at their earliest stage of development. We know how important your business is to you and will make sure that you are fully supported to achieve your business goals and targets.
Expansion Stage
Businesses that are already fully functional, and have typically been trading for two years or more, we offer expansion investment. This can provide you with that extra push you need as a business to get where you want to be in your chosen market.
Replacement Capital
We also provide replacement capital in the purchase of company holdings from stockholders who wish to leave the company.


We create opportunities that thrive. And deliver value that’s real.

The Group’s business policy is based on a tactical and proven combination of investment planning, opportunity assessment, project initiation, execution and management, introduction of innovative management techniques and the creation of successful partnerships with multinational corporations.

The Sanam Investment Division activities are concentrated mainly on the formation and management of investments for the Sanam Group including the provision of support that entails the management of the investments and oversight of Sanam ’s business units.

Our investment activities also focus on partnerships in the region and across the globe. We have a team of highly experienced investment experts who continuously look for opportunities that deliver value not only to Sanam Group but also our investment partners. As with all our other business sectors and group companies, our values and principles are upheld at all times. Read on to learn more about our investment activities

All about our investments Our Investment objective is to create long-term value to shareholders through capital growth and cash flow and invests in a portfolio of carefully selected companies with outstanding management and projects providing a balanced exposure to the high risk/high reward sectors.

Operating subsidiaries comprise of unlisted companies with boards of directors in which Sanam Group has Executive representation. Non-subsidiary investments comprise both listed and unlisted companies not controlled by Sanam Group of Investment and which are mostly associated companies due to significant influence and Board representation.

Sanam Group of Investment invests directly in its wholly owned companies in addition to partnerships in projects across the United Arab Emirates and abroad along with investing in funds managed by external Investment Managers.

Financing: Debt Funding/Entrepreneurs Capitalization Program

Sanam Group of Investment is a well-established, recognized investment and financial company in the United Arab Emirates. Established in the 80's as a major investment company, Sanam Group of Investment today is one of the largest Investment organizations in the entire MENA region. When doing business with us, you'll find state-of-the-art tools, outstanding personal service, affordable pricing and innovative technology.

As an independent enterpreneur, you know where you want to go. We're committed to helping you get there by empowering your path to pursue your business goals. Purchasing the assets your growing business needs, whether they be vehicle, equipment or machinery, can be a gruelling process. We can take the stress off and let you focus on the important things which is why the management of Sanam Group of Investment have introduced the Entrepreneurs Capitalization Program to assist entrepereneurs and business owners to reach the climax of their expertise.

Obtaining the finance your business needs can sometimes be difficult. We aim to make everything simple, quick and transparent. Our policy of focusing and developing the quality of our product offering rather than adopting a quantity-based approach has helped facilitate and secure our continued growth even in recent times of global economic hardship. The careful consideration and conservative approach that we apply to each and every Debt Funding/Loan, and our policy of brokering riskier loans to other companies has opened up new income streams and helped diversify our product offering, meaning more secure investments for our loyal clients.

Sanam Group of Investment helps deliver value and growth by assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with corporate finance arrangements and strategic consulting services to finance their businesses and projects. Sanam Group of Investment offers multiple options to meet almost every finance requirement and assists clients to get the best finance offered by the market leaders at the best interest rates. We arrange financing and funding for companies through various banking and financing institutions. We add value to our services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions. We are fast and efficient in our dealings and get the deal closed in a short period of time. We mainly arrange Equity and Debt Finance/Loan for Corporates, which include Strategic Partnerships, Private Equity by Institutions, Trade Finance, Working Capital Facilities, Buyer’s and Seller’s Credits, Equipment and Machinery Lease Finance, Project Finance, Islamic Finance, etc.

During the recession, several difficult financing deals have been concluded in record times and we are currently holding mandates for arranging finance for major private sector companies as well as publicly traded and government related institutions. We protect information and maintain strict confidentiality of our client’s information and the deals. We have a proven track record and we understand the market challenges and business finance requirements and can assist you with flexible and comprehensive financing solutions that will help your business meet growth, expansion and cash flow requirements. You can choose from a range of comprehensive finance options that cater to individuals as well as businesses. Our team will help you select the best solution to suit your needs and then personalise it to fit your specific requirements. Finance approval is subject to submission of required and relevant documentation along with your application.